Halamin Herbal Drugs

About Halamin Herbal Drugs

These herbal supplements are manufactured from the research works of Ben Amodu Herbal Farms Limited. They are mostly from common food such as yam, beans, galic, bitter leaf, beniseed, aloe Vera, sugar cane e.t.c which are systematically blended to obtain these supplements with cytokines, chemokines, flavonoids, tannins, vitamin b complex, zinc, soap onions etc.

We have the SAAB,DAABS,HAABS,DAABS2,SAABFAT5,SAABFAT6,SAABFAT7,SAABMAL. Recommended uses are Malaria, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS management, tuberculosis, fibroid, diebeties, asthma, kidney problem, hypertension, hypotension, sickle cell, pains, anti-ageing, prostatic, BPH, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, poor vision, stomach ulcer, dengue fever.

Patients presented with blood in the urin and semen with pas of 25 and pain in the lower back, pelvis and upper thighs which may signal that prostrate cancer cells have spread to the ribs, pelvis, and other bones was placed on the HALAMIN products for three weeks. The PSA of 25 drastically reduced to 3 and there was a remarkable improvement in his health status.

From our in house research, those presented with CD4,count of 101cells/mm3 with a CD4 % of 14 and a CD4 count count of 202cells/mm3 with a CD4% of 12 after using the product  for just three months had CD4 count of 455cells/mm3 with CD4 % of 19 and CD4 count of 655cells/mm3 with CD4% of 29 respectively.

Patient complained of headache , poor vision acuity, insomia with a BP Of 180/110mmHg taking on 2 different occasions. Upon intake of the trios with different dosages for 1month, the sight improved BP adaptogenised to 110/80mmHg and headache ceased.

Presented with poor visual output and reduced libido due to long intake of orthodox anti diabetic drugs. Administration of the drugs for a span of six (6) led to a dramatic improvement leading to a drop age of the orthodox drugs.

Patients presented a laboratory result of hepatitis disease infection of the various types A-E. After the administration of some combination of HALAMIN products for a period of about three months, all the patients were found to become negative to the hepatitis antigens with some of them developing all the various antibodies to the antigen. Some had the viral load fall below the significant values.